The right furniture for every hospital: quality, flexibility and experience from Walter H. Becker GmbH.

Modern healthcare places high demands on doctors, hospital staff, equipment and materials. BECKER's quality, flexibility and experience help ensure that:

  • the work of doctors and hospital staff is easier and faster,
  • doctors, staff and patients are fully protected and feel comfortable,
  • Hospital equipment and furniture is worth the money.

Hygiene and long service life thanks to high quality - BECKER's success formula for everyday hospital furniture.

BECKER'S formula for success is one of the best-kept secrets. It contains the following ingredients: surfaces that meet the strictest hygiene requirements and are resistant to germs and aggressive chemicals; chrome-nickel steel parts with virtually no joints; strong and quiet hinges and castors; wall guards to keep walls clean; dust- and air-tight drawers; impact-, abrasion- and impact-resistant surfaces and handles; robust construction and sophisticated cabinet designs designed to keep their good shape whether wall-mounted, floor-standing, fixed or mobile - and always fit.

  • Tailor-made solutions thanks to flexibility - planning, manufacturing and installing steel furniture for clinical and hospital requirements.
  • Supplied and made to order from one supplier!
  • Innovative products thanks to experience - top marks for quality of life and work - both for staff and furniture in a hospital environment.

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