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R.A.L. is engaged in wholesale and retail trade of various medical products in Latvia and the Baltic States and cooperates with more than 25 world leading manufacturers of medical products. We offer high quality medical products in innovative materials.

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Livio AI hearing aid

Livio® AI
is the world’s first hearing aid that delivers both superior sound quality and the ability to monitor the health of your body and brain. With integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI can detect if you’ve fallen and act as an assistant.

  • Hearing Reality™
    is effective in both noisy and quiet environments and allows you to enjoy improved speech clarity.
  • Easily fit your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with
  • The first hearing aid ever to include integrated sensors so you can track your body and brain health activities and send alerts.
  • The smallest, rechargeable device with 24 hours of excellent hearing on a single charge.
  • New technology delivers consistent wireless performance when streaming mobile phones, TV, music or other media using a smartphone or wireless accessories.
  • Personalised management Thrive™ app, allowing you to make adjustments to suit your preferences in different listening environments.
  • Surface™ NanoShield, our innovative water, wax and moisture repellent system to protect and ensure durability and reliability.
  • A whole new way to experience music – adjustable via the app. Pure, refined sound quality.
  • The Hearing Control App makes it easy to connect your Livio® AI and Livio® hearing aids to Apple® and Android™ devices.
  • More details here

ADHEAR Bone Conduction Audio Processor

Adhear is designed to treat unilateral, bilateral deafness or conductive hearing loss using bone conduction. The Adhear system is a non-invasive bone conduction hearing aid that is attached behind the patient’s ear using an adhesive adapter. More details here.

MiniMed™ 780G insulin pump system with SmartGuard™ technology

  • The MiniMed™ 780G system is designed for continuous administration of basal insulin at the selected rate and bolus doses of insulin at the selected volume.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring and the SmartGuard™ feature ensure that glucose levels are within the range of 3.9 to 10.0 mmol/l.
  • Every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the system automatically adjusts the basal dose according to the target glucose level (5.5mmol/l, 6.1mmol/l or 6.7mmol/l).
  • If necessary, the system administers an automatic correction bolus dose.
  • During exercise, the system automatically adjusts the basal dose according to the intensity of the exercise and the glucose target of 8.3mmol/l.
  • When using SmartGuard™, on average 80% of the time, glucose levels are within the target range.

The MiniMed™ 780G Insulin Pump System is intended for use in patients aged 7 to 80 years who have 1. type 2 diabetes and have a total daily insulin dose of 8 units or more.

Components of the MiniMed™ 780G Insulin Pump System:

  • MiniMed™ Insulin Pump 780G
  • Guardian™ 4 transmitter
  • Guardian™ 4 sensors
  • Accu Check Guide Link blood glucose meter (not available in Latvia)
  • MiniMed™ infusion systems and reservoirs
  • MiniMed™ Mobile app – pump app on the user’s phone
  • CareLink™ Connect app – the app on your care partner’s phone

Information material about the MiniMed™ 780G insulin pump system:

Shoes “Sloan 01 low” for women

Modern, comfortable and non-slip ESD sneakers for safe protection.

Comfortable and soft shoes suitable for a variety of healthcare professionals, nurses and care workers, beauty centre professionals, as well as great shoes for leisure.

  • Easy care
  • Sole with antistatic properties
  • Shock absorbing
  • Removable insole
  • Breathable lining
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Available sizes 35 – 42

Jewett Frame three-point frame – M13



  • fractures
  • secondary metastases
  • lumbalgia
  • before and after surgical treatment

Measurements by pelvic circumference

1. 60 – 75 cm

2. 75 – 90 cm

3. 90 – 105 cm

4. 105 – 115 cm